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We offer a variety of investment opportunities that can both start your journey and grow alongside you. Our Investor Portal provides secure and reliable access to track projects' progress and manage financial investments, giving you the insight and analytics needed to ensure the project remains successful.

It also provides investors with regular updates on their investments' performance so they can make better decisions with their capital. We believe in building long-term relationships with our clients, which is why we strive for continued success for everyone involved in every project.

So come join us at Kingsmen Investments and let us help you reach your dreams and financial goals today !

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Kingsmen Investments 

Discover the untapped potential of investing in Armenia 

One tree Armenia

Kingsmen believes that investing in walnut orchards offers a strategic opportunity to provide steady, long-term returns and support to the local agricultural sector. 

Type: Agriculture

Duration: Long Term

Return on Investment: 9 Years

Yearly profit % after ROI: 40% starting year 10

Investment Ticket: 124,728 USD

Western Village

Kingsmen has invested in the development of residential communities just 15 minutes outside of Yerevan, the capital of Armenia, for medium-term returns on investment. 

Type: Real Estate Development

Duration: Medium Term

Return on Investment: 3 Years

Net Profit % on Project: 

30%  - One time profit

Investment Ticket: 116,318 USD

United 8 Apartments 

Apart-hotel, is aimed at providing short-term returns for investors while catering to the needs of various customers of the serviced apartments. 

Type:  Apartment Hotel

Duration: Immediate Income

Yearly Profit %: 7.5% starting year 1

Additional profit % on year 5: 37%  - One time 

Investment Ticket: 99,000 Euro

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