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Opportunity Overview 

The Western Village is an ambitious new project located in the Parpi Ashtarak Region that is currently under development. Designed to be a cutting-edge residential development, the project aims to transform the land from agricultural to residential use by providing top-of-the-line infrastructure. This includes bringing essential utilities such as electricity, water, and internet to the site, as well as installing fences on the land and subdividing it into individual lots. 

Kingsmen Investments expect that once completed, this development will offer a modern and attractive residential area for prospective homebuyers in the area. While still in the early stages of development, The Western Village shows great potential to positively impact the region by providing a new residential option and helping to stimulate economic growth.

Kingsmen Investments expects the infrastructure development of The Western Village, which includes roads, lights, sidewalks, and landscaping, to take about two years to complete. It is important to note that construction or development projects are subject to many variables, such as weather, permits, and supply chains. These variables can cause delays, and as such, the completion date may be subject to change.

However, Kingsmen Investments always ensures that licenses are acquired beforehand, guaranteeing that the infrastructure and land subdivision will be completed within two years. After that, the individual lots will be sub-divided, and the lots will be ready to sell. The actual sales of individual lots may take longer based on market demand, a trend that is currently in favor of The Western Village development.

We take pride in providing the best infrastructure and state-of-the-art living facilities for our clients, and The Western Village is no exception. We are confident that The Western Village will set new standards for residential living in Parpi Ashtarak Region, and our clients can rest assured that the development and sale process will be prompt, with guaranteed delivery of quality projects.

Project highlights

Project will be Public: April 2024


Ownership & Securities

Return on Investment

Calculate the Cost Based on the Number of Share you Are interested to Purchase  

Each 1 Share Value is offered for  : 12,500 USD

Each 1 Share Value Represents The Following  : 625 sqm  of Land - 

Share Value bought at : 20$/Sqm

Expecting Selling at: 40$ by the End of: 2027

Notes: The Price of 40$ represents the Value of  a Small Land today, Kingsmen Return on investment is calculated based on selling Worst Case Scenario calculation 

Capital Return Duration: 3 Years  Starting Year: 2024

Starting Year 202433.33 % Per Year Annual Income

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Timeline Summary:

Here are five benefits of crowdfunding into The Western Village:

Accessible Investment Opportunity: Crowdfunding allows smaller investors to participate in large development projects such as The Western Village at lower investment amounts, which makes investing in lucrative real estate markets more accessible.

Potentially High Returns: Investors in The Western Village have an opportunity to earn high returns on their investment if the project is successful. The real estate market in Parpi Ashtarak Region is rapidly growing, and investing in the area at an early stage can be a smart financial move.

Managed Risks: Kingsmen Investments has years of experience in real estate investments, and they are well-equipped to manage risks and identify profitable opportunities. This means that investors in The Western Village can rely on Kingsmen to develop the infrastructure and execute the project in a professional and competent manner.

Transparency: Kingsmen Investments is committed to providing investors with regular and transparent reporting on The Western Village project. This level of communication and transparency allows investors to track their investments and stay updated on the project's progress.

Diversification: Investing in The Western Village through crowdfunding also offers investors a chance to diversify their portfolio. Real estate is an excellent hedge against inflation, and investing in a promising development project, such as The Western Village, can result in strong, stable financial returns.