"Rowing Towards a Unified Goal: The Power of Synchronized Teamwork"

Meet our team : 

As a modern real estate investment firm, we strive to take our clients to the next level. We combine traditional practices and cutting-edge technology to ensure that our clients gain access to the best investments possible. 

Our team is comprised of experienced professionals from all fields of real estate investing. They utilize their expertise and knowledge to develop integrated strategies that are tailored specifically for each client. We leverage digital technologies such as analytics, data modeling, and market intelligence in order to provide superior insights and results. With us by your side, you can be certain that your real estate investments are made with confidence and precision! 

Board of Directors

Angelo Hani 

Chief Executive Officer At Kingsmen  - Head of Markerting Department 

Our CEO at Kingsmen Investments is a highly experienced professional in the real estate industry with an impressive network of connections across the Middle East, Asia, and Europe.

 He is a man driven by both real estate and connections and has a talent for cultivating long-lasting relationships. His primary role at the company is to identify and provide high-return investment opportunities that secure the funds of our investors. His strategy involves bringing high-end projects to the table while ensuring affordable prices, whether for the benefit of investors or end-users. Thus, with Kingsmen Investments, you are always assured of being a part of a winning investment.

His ability to build successful partnerships and foster collaboration has proven to be a valuable asset in achieving the company's goals. His vast network and knowledge of the real estate market help him to identify profitable opportunities while guiding the company towards achieving its vision.

Overall, our CEO's knowledge, expertise, and network connections have proven time and again to be instrumental in driving growth and success. His dedication to the company and its investors has been unfaltering, and his tireless efforts have helped the company gain the trust and confidence of stakeholders across the globe.

Jamil Hannouche 

Chief Operating Officer Kingsmen Partner 

Civil Engineer Graduate with a Master degree in buisness Management from A.U.B

Our COO at Kingsmen is a highly skilled civil engineer with a master's degree in business from the American University of Beirut, Jamil has over 20 years of experience in investing in real estate with his family.

His vast knowledge of real estate has enabled him to successfully build and sell over 50 high-rises in Beirut with 20 floors and up, making him a highly regarded expert in both engineering and business. As an integral part of our organization, Jamil's role is critical to our success. His well-calculated approach to decision-making ensures that our business ventures never go in the wrong direction.

Jamil's success in the industry can be attributed to his excellent critical thinking skills and his ability to analyze complex data, which has been instrumental in our growth and success. Moreover, as a team leader, he fosters a collaborative work culture that never fails to inspire us to work towards a common goal.

Overall, Jamil is an invaluable asset to our organization, and his expertise in real estate investment has been highly instrumental in driving growth and ensuring success. Whether you are an investor or an end-user, his extensive knowledge and experience make him a highly sought-after expert in the industry.

Lea Hani

Head of Legal Management Consulting and - Partner .Qualified Lawyer and Legal Counsel LLM in TMT at Queen Mary University of London

Lea Hani is an accomplished lawyer who has made significant contributions to the field of investment law. She currently serves as a partner at Kingsmen Investment Armenia, where her expertise and experience have helped to secure numerous successful deals.

As a well-respected member of the legal community, Lea Hani has built a reputation for her exceptional negotiation skills and deep knowledge of investment law. She has worked with clients from a wide variety of industries, including finance, real estate, and technology, and has helped them navigate complex legal issues with ease. She frequently speaks at conferences and events around the world, sharing her expertise and insights on investment law with fellow attorneys and investors.

Overall, Lea Hani is a respected leader in the field of investment law, and a valuable asset to Kingsmen Investment Armenia and the broader legal community.

Strategic Outsourced Legal and Financial Partners

Vahak Balabekyan 

Outsourced Strategic Legal Partner Holds the Position of General Director of Zohrabyan Law-firm 

Advocate Vahagn Balabekyan has been an integral part of the “Zohrabyan & Partners” Law Firm since 2007, and has served as its General Director from 2009. He heads the Department of Services to Companies, providing top-notch consulting and legal services. When Kingsmen Investment signed with his respected firm in 2019, Vahagn provided invaluable support in managing our portfolios and those of our investors and partners in the utmost professionalism. His coordination with our CEO and legal department is nothing short of remarkable, and his experience in Corporate and Real Estate Law is outstanding. Considering all of our great Legal Partners in different countries, Vahagn's support stands out from the rest. He has been a true asset to Kingsmen's continuous success.  In addition to his impressive expertise, Vahagn is also able to provide innovative solutions for complicated projects that require quick attention. He is highly communicative, deeply understanding of the needs of clients, which makes him a truly valuable partner to have on board! 

Gevorg Nersisyan 

Outsourced Strategic Financial Partner for Kingsmen 

Holds the position of  Partner and tax advisor at grantthornton

Gevork, with the support of the exceptional team at Granthoranton Armenia, has elevated Kingsmen Investment to the highest level of professionalism in our accounting department. Thanks to his expertise, all our accounts are in order, taxes paid and investors taken care of promptly. Gevork is an expert in providing tax advisory services, having participated in numerous audit and accounting missions for different sectors of activity-including feasibility and sector studies, due diligence and agreed upon procedures. On top of that, he is well-versed in various IFRS transformation assignments. With Gevork's experience and leadership, we have successfully navigated through complex financial projects with confidence. Kingsmen Investment is proud to have him as part its team! 

Tigran Yegazaryan  

C.E.O - Partner at Premium Consultants

Bachelor in Marketing  from  Yerevan State University of  Economy 

Premium Consultants is an innovative enterprise that strives to bridge the gap between government and private investment.

 Founded by Tigran, a former deputy for the regional municipality of Aragatsotn, this sister company of Kingsmen assists in facilitating projects that benefit Armenia and investors alike. 

Our team is comprised of knowledgeable professionals skilled in navigating through the complexities of governmental paperwork and ensuring that clients' investments are compliant with laws and regulations. 

Utilizing all available resources such as analytics, data modeling, and market intelligence, we provide a comprehensive solution for each individual client. 

Working with Tigran gives you assurance that your commitments are in good hands. His dedication and commitment to his craft is unyielding, giving clients the confidence of knowing their investments are being managed with utmost accuracy and integrity. Whether it's guiding a client through a complex legal matter or simply providing market insight, Tigran is always ready to serve. His passion for helping others achieve success is clearly evident in his approach and attitude, setting an example of what it means to go above and beyond. With Tigran's relentless dedication, Premium Consultants continues to remain at the forefront of real estate investment! 

Kingsmen Investments Office Managment 

Samvel Kaloyan 

Assistant C.E.O - Operation Manager At Kingsmen Bachelor in Economics from  Yerevan State University of  Economy 

Samvel Kaloyan is a valued member of our team As the first member of our family in Armenia, he carries a high level of trust from the CEO.

Samvel's role is to ensure that everyone is working efficiently by monitoring deliverables and payments, being in communication with all suppliers, and delivering all financial reports to our accountants and auditors at Grant Thornton Armenia. He consistently manages to stay relaxed and on top of things, no matter the project.

Despite his busy and demanding schedule, Samvel always goes the extra mile to provide exceptional customer service. Whenever we have guests coming, whether a family member or a partner, he ensures that he is the one to pick them up from the airport personally. He makes each person feel welcomed and part of the family.

His dedication and commitment to his work have been instrumental in ensuring the smooth operation of our organization. He plays a critical role in maintaining high standards of excellence in our organization, leaving no stone unturned to ensure that every task is meticulously executed.

Nune Baghdasaryan

Marketing  And Sales r  Major in English Literature from the Yerevan State   University and Photograohy

Nune is a true asset to our team, and we couldn't be more grateful to have her around. Not only is she an incredibly talented photographer and marketing coordinator, but she always goes the extra mile to make sure that whatever task she takes on meets the highest quality standards. She is a natural problem solver and excels at crafting creative solutions for any issue that comes her way. Her vibrant personality and enthusiasm for life means that each day in the office is a joyous experience. From taking care of our office plants to coming up with clever new advertising ideas - 

 Nune's commitment to excellence and her dedication to her work are unmatched. She is always eager to take on new challenges and never backs down from difficult tasks. She has a natural eye for detail, which means that all of the photographs she takes come out looking beautiful and professional. On top of that, her enthusiasm and passion for advertising make her more than capable of coming up with innovative ideas for campaigns. Nune is an incredibly versatile person who truly takes pride in everything she does - it is no wonder why we regard her so highly here at the office! 

Gevorg Avagyan

Head of Surveying Department at Kingsmen - Project Manager at Eco Gardens Residential Project

We are so lucky to have Gevorg on our team! He is an exceptional Project Manager at Eco Gardens, and is responsible for the land surveying of Kingsmen's real estate portfolio – an impressive 800 Ha of land. His hard work and dedication make a tremendous impact on our company.

Gevorg is not only an incredible project manager and surveyor, he is also a confident leader and team player. He always takes the initiative to ensure that each handover is successful, while supporting his colleagues in their tasks. 

His enthusiasm and positivity have helped motivate and inspire the entire team, He continuously sets an example for those around him to strive for excellence and encourages innovation within our team. His commitment to going above and beyond what is asked of him exemplifies his dedication to 

Kingsmen and Eco Gardens – two companies that are truly fortunate to have him in their respective teams.

Direct Strategic Partnership  

Hanna Casbar

C.E.O -  Agroworks  Agronomist with a  degree from the Lebanese university of Beirut   

Meet Hanna - the guy who has the reputation of turning everything he touches into something green. Hanna has been a valued partner of Kingsmen for over three years now!

Together, we have taken on an important project to plant over 100,000 walnut trees in Armenia. Hanna’s invaluable expertise and skill set have been instrumental in making this project a resounding success. His experience in agriculture, irrigation systems, water reservoirs, fertilizing programs, and more, have been crucial in ensuring that the trees are growing healthy and strong.

Thanks to Hanna's hard work and dedication, we have managed to reduce costs by over 40% in some areas. Hanna's innovative ideas and practical solutions have made a significant impact on our business and the success of this project.

Not only is Hanna an expert in his field, but he is also an honest and hardworking individual. His integrity and commitment to see success are qualities that make him stand out in the industry.

We are fortunate to have Hanna as a partner, and his invaluable contributions have led to the success of this project. His passion for agriculture and the environment has been an inspiration to us all, and we look forward to continuing to work with him for years to come.

Katia Tadevosian 

Head of Apartment Rentals in Yerevan - General Manager  of United 8 Apartments 

Katia is an incredibly talented hotel manager in Yerevan, Armenia, who possesses a wealth of experience in the industry, with more than 10 years of experience in hotel management. With her knowledge and experience in the field, Katia has become one of the most skilled and respected professionals in the industry.

Katia's ability to turn any project around is remarkable – she has an impressive track record of transforming underperforming properties into thriving, income-generating projects. Her unique approach to solving problems and creating innovative solutions has earned her a sterling reputation in the hospitality industry.

As a skilled hotel manager, Katia knows how to leverage the latest technology and trends in the hospitality industry to create an exceptional guest experience. She is also adept at managing large teams and supervising multiple projects simultaneously.

Katia's expertise in the field of hotel management has made her an asset to any organization she works with. Her dedication and attention to detail are unwavering, ensuring that every project is completed to the highest standards. She inspires her team to push beyond their limits and achieve results that exceed expectations.

Overall, Katia is a highly respected and successful hotel manager. Her ability to turn around hotel projects is only matched by her passion and dedication to her craft. We are proud to work with such a talented and driven professional and look forward to seeing all that she accomplishes in the future.

Megezen Yakzan

Head of Kingsmen Retail Group Holds a Buisness degree from Beirut Open University 

Megezen, the dynamic female head of the Kingsmen Retail Group, has been at the helm of all retail business related issues in Armenia - be it foreign investments or local opportunities. With over 10 years of experience in fashion retailing, working with several renowned international brands and owning a boutique in Beirut, her expertise has pushed the Armenian fashion industry to new heights. She has an impeccable understanding of customer needs, enabling her to make informed decisions that always yielded positive results. Her exemplary leadership style and dedication to team success made her well-respected and admired among peers. Thanks to Megezen’s presence, the Kingsmen Retail Group is setting a high bar for excellence in Armenia's fashion sector

Our International Architect and Main Contractors 

Eng.Jean Pierre Kannan

C.E.O -  of  Kanaan Engineering Group  with a track Record of High quality and Fast Deliver in contracting

Great news! KEG is in talks with Kingsmen to collaborate on a new project in Armenia. This exciting venture has the potential to bring about much needed economic growth and development, as well as open up new opportunities for citizens of the region.

KEG and Kingsmen have been working together for over a decade and have an impeccable track record when it comes to delivering results. Their experience, expertise, and commitment to excellence mean that we can expect nothing short of groundbreaking outcomes from this endeavor.

What makes this collaboration even more special is its potential impact – not only will the project benefit Armenia's economy, but it could also be a catalyst for subsequent positive changes throughout the region. KEG and Kingsmen are truly setting an example of how collaboration can be used to create a brighter future for all.

Arch. Simon Barakat

C.E.O -  of A20 Architects considered one of the top 10 Architects in the Middle East  designer of the Green Hills City for Kingsmen Investments

Kingsmen is thrilled to announce our new partnership with Architect Simon to design the Green Hills City in Ashtarak! Our collaboration will put Ashtarak on the map as a destination for luxury homes in Yerevan, and we are incredibly excited to bring this vision to life.

Architect Simon's expertise in designing luxurious homes and communities, combined with Kingsmen's experience in delivering high-quality projects, makes for an exceptional partnership. With our shared passion for innovation and creativity, we are confident that we will deliver a unique and remarkable project that will change the real estate landscape in Ashtarak.

We are pleased to start the project in June 2023 when we will begin developing the Green Hills City. This project will entail luxury homes and state-of-the-art amenities that will transform the area into a world-class residential community.

At Kingsmen, we take great pride in our partnerships, and the collaboration with Architect Simon is no exception. We are grateful to have the opportunity to work together and create something that will benefit the community and leave a lasting impact for years to come.

Overall, our partnership with Architect Simon is a significant step forward in our mission to deliver exceptional solutions to the real estate industry. We are excited about the future and look forward to seeing our shared vision come to fruition.