Unlocking the Potential of Real Estate Projects 

Projects Under-Development 

City: Ashtarak City 

Village: Parpi

Available: Private Homes

Starting Price: 85,000 USD

Eco Gardens provides customers with a wide selection of properties to choose from, ranging from home areas to land areas. Depending on your needs, our experts can help you customize the perfect area for your requirements. Our knowledgeable personnel will work hard to find you the ideal place, tailored to fit your exact specifications. We understand that a property needs to be both a practical and aesthetically-pleasing environment, so we strive to provide options that can fulfill all of your needs. With Eco Gardens, you can rest assured knowing that you’re making the right decision for your home or land. Visit us today and find out how we can help make your dream property a reality! 

City: Ashtarak City 

Available: Private Homes , Lands

Starting Price: 40,000 USD

Green Hills Urban City is the perfect opportunity for individuals and families looking to invest in their homeland. With its no down payment, 0% interest rate policy, this project makes it easier for every young person or family – whether living in Armenia or abroad  to purchase land and build their dream home.